Organic Coffee

Organic Coffee

Ama - Gourmet´s organic coffee with love

Once upon a time…there was the organic coffee. Compared with our times, the adjective “organic” is the only difference, simply because fertilizers, chemicals for plants, GM agriculture, hormones-based-products, intensive plantations and so on did not exist yet.

The organic food did exist, that’s all, and lasted for ages until homo sapiens committed himself by producing techniques that enhanced the incomes but altered the nature and compromised the genuine of foods and beverages.

These substances that we carry in our body and flow in our blood make us loose the harmony that nature gave us originally. The question is: can humans in this modern age consume chemicals-free products that are grown in farms where culture and passion prevail upon economic interests?

We of TORREFAZIONE CAFFÉ GOURMET believe that possible, therefore the love for our job and for what we produce generated a new born GOURMET product that we called AMA, Italian for “love!”, the BIO and FAIRTRADE coffee of GOURMET BY TOBIA.

AMA constitutes our most ambitious goal, the top of our long journey to the research of quality, respect of the nature and the people involved. On top of being 100% organic, this blend features the FAITRADE certificate, thus meaning that the coffee has been cultivated and commercialized within respect of the producers and worker of the Southern world, while guaranteeing to them an equal price and a mark-up to invest in projects of development for the community.

AMA is also a return to the origins of a good lifestyle and drinking, consisting in a blend of four coffees with origins in BIO-certified farms that are roasted in a traditional way in the BIO- division of our premises through a slow-going hand-made roasting process under the control of a skilled staff. The result is a sincere, fully aromatic, deliciously tasting coffee to enjoy in harmony with ourselves and the nature.

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