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From our blends we produced a range of ESE coffee pods that, by using the special domestic Espresso coffee machine, will enable you to enjoy a good creamy coffee at home, in the office or in any environment you wish. A rich choice of blends are available in order to meet any request or give you a chance to drink different Espressos duing the day.


Black Quality: a blend of 100% “Coffea Arabica”, with low caffeine content, it produces the typical  fruity taste of Arabica coffee.. Mild and delicate, its softness allows a regular consumption anytime and by any occasion.

Golden Quality: a blend of 70% “Coffea Arabica” and 30% “Coffea Robusta”, which is a proper  proportion to give the best flavours and aroma together with a strong taste and a consistent texture. The typical Italian Espresso. The best coffee to drink anytime, especially after meals.

Silver Quality: 50% of “Coffea Arabica” and 50% “Coffea Robusta”, with some coffees from special cultivations, to offer you an alternative to the Gold Quality. Try and choose the  best for you.

Orange Quality: 100% of selected “Coffea Robusta”, featuring strong taste, producing a coffee with intense flavour and dense texture. A kick of energy, a boosting taste without compromises. Very good in the morning to start-up, in the most demanding time of the day, when physical and mind performances are required.

Blue Quality: selection of fine decaffeinated coffees to extract a cup with the right taste and mildness, by which you will miss nothing of the best Espresso. Suitable anytime for those who can not tolerate the caffeine or are used to drink too many coffee.


Exclusive box with dispenser containing 18 single-wrapped coffee pods

Box of 150 single-wrapped coffee pods

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