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What would be our life without coffee and chocolate? Certainly less rich, but for the rest we can only imagine. Let us try and think of a working day without coffee or a party without any chocolate to taste. This is the best way to estimate this famous “pair”.

COFFEE has become so popular and traditional to be part of our lives. The Italian famous writer Silvio Pellico celebrates its quality in his masterpiece “Le mie prigioni” by defining it the “magica bevanda” (magic drink), that is able to soften the pains of the long imprisonment at the Spielberg.

And what about COCOA and its derivate CHOCOLATE? Scientifically called THEOBROMA, it was offered as a gift to MAYA gods and was called “the food of gods” by the ancient peoples of central America. The discoverer Cristoforo Colombo was impressed not for its un-known properties but for the value that the natives attributed to it.

The people of TORREFAZIONE CAFFÉ GOURMET, who values and takes care of the old flavors, has thought of joining the two natural and hand-crafted masterpieces in an authentic marriage of scents, flavors and tastes that only a long experience and a big passion can join together and carry to the bars and to Your houses.

MAYA coffee is available in the classic fashioned grains, in pads and capsules or ground in our smart cans of 250 grams. What else? Have a “coffee of gods” of GOURMET!!!